Clairvoyant readings with Eric

About Eric

 Eric Layman is a certified medium, spiritual coach and the owner of Infinite Expressions, a spiritual coaching practice based in Cincinnati, Ohio.    Growing up in rural Ohio, Eric’s intuitive abilities were apparent from an early age. He has always had a wonder-filled love of Nature and a strong connection to both the earthly and the spiritual. Eric took his strong country work ethic with him when he moved to the city to pursue his professional career. Today, Eric relates to people from all walks of life whether farmer or corporate executive and his experiential insights are numerous, helpful, and uplifting to all who seek his services.    A life-long learner and truth seeker, Eric continues to study and learn new techniques and modalities from various spiritual mentors and teachers throughout the U.S. Eric uses the wisdom he has gained through his formal studies and life experiences, along with his natural intuitive abilities, to provide his clients with a sense of peace and understanding while presenting Light-filled love and guidance from Spirit.    Eric has been called a friend, confidant, and lover of good wine, and he continues to connect with Nature as a hobbyist beekeeper and gardener. Eric currently lives with his life partner and their miniature schnauzer (Tot), and their calico cat (Sophie).  

A reading with Eric

  A mediumship reading is done for the purpose of providing loving support and guidance from loved ones in Spirit and spiritual guides. Although I use all of my intuitive abilities during clairvoyant readings we typically begin with an image or a picture, clairvoyance (seeing) is my primary sense. I am also clairaudient (hearing) and clairsentient (feeling) at times, as well as a natural intuitive and psychic.    With my intentions always set for the highest good of the client, I allow Spirit to impress upon me images, sounds, words, feelings, and sometimes even tastes and smells. As this happens, I verbally relay the information to the client, and a story begins to unfold. I will work to both identify the Spirit energy with which contact has been made, as well as provide a message from him or her. Depending upon the length of the reading and the clients preferences, we may have several different energies we will work with. Most of the time they all have information to provide that seems to flow around a central area of focus.    A client may start with a particular question about a relationship, career, family, health, education, spiritual matters; Or, they may just leave it up to Spirit to bring information on whichever topic Spirit believes is important to focus on at that time.    The most important thing to remember is to be open to the love and guidance that Spirit is here to offer.  

Reiki energy healing services are also offered.  With these sessions I allow the energies of the universe flow through me to assist people in self healing.  The process is directed by my spirit team as well as your guides!  Crystals, feathers, and other tools are sometimes used to aid in the process.